Abstracts in Proceedings in the 3rd International Cukurova Agriculture and Veterinary Congress. 9-10/07/2021, Adana, Turkey (ORAL Communication)

Dhen, N., Essaidi, I., Kouki, R., Ben Romdhane, S., Ayed, C. and Al Mohandes Dridi, B. Morphological traits evaluation, phenolic composition, antioxidant activity and clotting milk activities of flower aqueous extract of wild and cultivated Onopordum nervosum platylepis
Essaidi, I., Dhen, N., Chebil, S., Kouki, R., Ayed, C. Al Mohandes Dridi, B. Comparative study between the effect of aqueous extraction and buffer solution on chemical composition, antioxidant and clotting milk activities of Onopordum nervosum Ssp platylepis flowers
Kouki, R., Ayed, C. Dhen, N., Dhibi, R., Essaidi, I., and Al Mohandes Dridi, B. In situ morphological characterization of Onopordum nervosum platylepis Murb. populations from northern and central Tunisia
Ayed, C., Kouki, R., Dhibi, R., Dhen, N., Essaidi, I. and Al Mohandes Dridi, B. In situ phenotypic diversity of Onopordum nervosum spp platylepis in the region Kairouan in Tunisia

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