VEGGIE-MED-CHEESES will participate in the Pilot on Open Research Data and will generate a mix of qualitative and quantitative data, including:1. Morphological information about spontaneous thistle populations growing in different Mediterranean areas will be collected to identify different species and potentially ecotypes growing in different Mediterranean areas
2. Genetic information about distribution of SSR markers in different thistle ecotypes
3. Agronomic information to evaluate yields of sustainable thistle crops
4. Environmental (soil parameters, air temperature, rainfall) information to complement the agronomic information
5. Chemical, biochemical and technological information about milk clotting ability and bioactive compounds contained in the aqueous extracts obtained from both spontaneous and cultivated thistles

6. Chemical and biochemical information about milk clotting ability of new proteases purified from the aqueous extracts
7. Physico-chemical, chemical, microbiological, textural and sensory information to verify quality and safety of thistle-curdled cheese prototypes and to identify new biomarkers to demonstrate their quality/authenticity
8. Qualitative data about consumers’ awareness, attitudes and preferences attitudes towards cheeses curdled with plant-based rennet substitutes
9. Interviews and surveys from Mediterranean crop producers and dairy industries

A link to view, search and download the data will be available soon.

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