Seed germination reports for Onopordum tauricum Willd

Zitti, S., Di Cecco, V., Casavecchia, S., Di Martino, L., Aquilanti, L. 2020. Seed germination reports for Onopordum tauricum Willd. [In Magrini, S. & Salmeri, C. (eds), Mediterranean plant germination reports – 2]. Fl. Medit. 30: 421-423. 2020. http://dx.doi.org/10.7320/FlMedit30.421

Abstract: This study deals with the seed germination for Onopordum tauricum (Asteraceae). The cypselae were collected from two populations in the Marche and Umbria Region (Italy). The highest germination value (93.6%) was obtained after 24 hours of soaking in a 500 ppm GA3 solution and then incubated at a constant temperature of 20°C with a 12/12h light-dark photoperiod.

Key words: Onopordum, dormancy-breaking, gibberellin, milk-clotting agent.

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