The Higher Agronomic Institute of Chott-Mariem is an institution of teaching and agronomic research. It has 25 ha of experimental plots, including 10 ha certified organic, laboratories and research units and especially human resources, particularly PhD students who carry out their research work in line with the projects. Role in the project: will be leader of WP2 (all tasks) and WP3 (all tasks), and will be involved in WP1 (tasks 1.2 and 1.4) and WP7 (all tasks) in a supportive role.

Competencies and experience relevant to the project: ISA-CM is composed of researchers specializing in horticulture, botany, ecology and eco-physiology, with a documented expertise in the assessment of cardoon genetic variability in the Mediterranean basin. This group will be able to characterize ecotypes of wild cardoons and thistles, both in Tunisia and other Mediterranean countries involved in the Project (Spain, Greece).

COORDINATOR and Principal Investigator of ISA-CM
Prof. Bouthaina Dridi Al Mondes
Email: bouthaina2@yahoo.com
Skype contact: Al Mohandes Dridi Bouthaina
Phone: 00 216 73 327 546


Dott.ssa Raabia Haouala

University of Sousse

Ismahen Essaidi

University of Sousse
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